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The IDO Group, Inc.
North Carolina

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Information: Company Overview

The IDO Group, Inc. is a Business Solutions Provider dedicated to providing easy to use tools allowing customers to solve real business problems without managing the technology themselves. We believe that every company should have access to the tools that allow them focus on their business and be their best. To this end, we are continuously working with technology and our customers to provide the most complete suite of tools they demand and value that is undeniable.

Our Mission

* To empower businesses to be the best they can be to their internal and external customers as well as their communities.

* To save LIFETIMES of unnecessary TRAVEL TIME, WORRY, and FRUSTRATION through technology that is SIMPLE to use.

Our Values

* As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, ingenuity, humor, passion and respect. We renew our commitment to these everyday in our relationships with our customers, partners, shareholders, and our community. We strive for excellence and hold ourselves accountable for providing results we can be proud of.

* Our deepest values are revealed by how we actually live our lives.