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Through our partnerships with business class telephone providers, we can put you on the fast track to productivity.  Each of the services we recommend offer enterprise class features and flexibility at a small business price.

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Smart Buy!Business communication has never been as flexible and affordable as it is with PBXReach. 

For decades small businesses have had to choose between the “enterprise class” features of their own PBX and the simplicity and lower cost of an “office supply store” phone system.  This choice often involved bypassing features that made your business run more efficiently to save money or busting the budget only to find out about the high cost of upgrades, service contracts, and obsolescence.

That’s why we are proud to offer an alternative that brings the best of both worlds along with unparalleled flexibility and ease of use.  PBXReach is a hosted solution that leverages your existing internet connection to provide unlimited local and long distance calling to your business – along with all the features of the “enterprise class” system.


• Voicemail to email attachments
• Auto-attendant / interactive voice response (IVR)
• Find me / follow me
• Customized music on hold
• Intercom
• Direct extension dialing (internal and external)
• Call queues
• Hunt groups / ring groups


• Company dial-by-name directory
• Call forward
• Call conference
• Call transfer
• Call recording
• Message waiting indicator
• Detailed call reports down to the extension level

Plan includes UNLIMITED local and long distance calling within the continental US
Keep your existing telephone number(s)
Nationwide coverage area
Redundant and intelligent call routing
Tier one origination and termination
Tier one Internet or direct peering
G.729a and G.711u codec support


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Voicemail to email attachments -- Along with checking your voicemail from any touchtone phone or via the web interface, PBXReach can forward all voicemails directly to your email inbox.  Play messages from your PC, laptop, or even your BlackBerry or SmartPhone.

Auto-attendant / interactive voice response (IVR)
-- Like a dedicated digital receptionist, your Auto-attendant is always working to answer your calls and route thenm appropriately.  Setup custom menus to guide callers,let them dial extensions directly or use the dial by name directory. Custom time schedules can alert callers when it is after business hours or calls can be routed to your on-call or emergency mailbox or cell phone.

Find me / follow me
-- Have your extension or ring group out forwarded to your cell phone, home or any phone.  Perfect for users who are on the go yet can't miss a call.

Customized music on hold / message on hold -- Callers don't like to be placed on hold. Make their wait more pleasant by giving them soothing music or more information about your company.  Don't miss this opportunity to make a good impression on your customers while they wait to speak with you.

Intercom -- Extension to extension intercom without tying up a phone line.  Just dial your coworkers 3 or 4 digit extension to intercom; no matter where in the world that extension is!

Direct extension dialing (internal and external)
-- Call any extension via their 3 or 4 digit extension number.  With optional DIDs you get a direct outside phone number associated with your extension number.  This allows your customers to reach you at a direct number, bypassing the auto-attendant or company directory.  For example, Joe at extension 1212 can also be reached directly at (555) 555-1212

Call queues -- High volume groups can be organized into a queue that distributes calls as your employees become available

Hunt groups / ring groups -- Ring a series of extensions sequentially when a call comes into a hunt group. Ring multiple extensions at the same time when a call comes in to a ring group. Perfect for busy sales organizations who never want to miss a customer call.

Company dial-by-name directory -- Make it easy for your callers to find the person they need with a dial by name directory.

Call forward
-- Forward incoming calls to your extension to another extension or even another phone number.  Callers never need to know that their call was forwarded to your cell phone or home office.

Call conference
-- Host your conference calls with the conference bridge. Internal participants can join without using an "outside line."

Call transfer -- Transfer calls to any extension easily, no matter where that extension is located.  You can even transfer to a cell phone or landline.  From your cell or landline you can transfer to any extension too!  This offers the ultimate in flexibility.

Detailed call reports down to the extension level -- All calls in and out are automatically logged and reports can be generated.  Find out who is calling your business, your peak times, and so much more.

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