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Staffing and employment services are not immune to turbulent economic times.  In fact they are often the first to see signs of a downturn as employers look to shed costs and retain their full time employees to weather the storm; it might be said that staffing agencies are among the first indicators of a coming downturn or recovery.  The pendulum can swing quickly for this entire industry as their customers react to changes in demand for their products and services.

With this in mind it is evident why staffing agencies can benefit from converting the fixed costs associated with IT (such as servers, software licenses, telephone systems, etc.) to variable monthly costs by utilizing "Managed Services" or "Software as a Service" (SaaS).  By making these often considerable capital expenditures into variable expenses, staffing, recruiting and employment firms are able to:

  • Expand the size of their user base without large upfront expenses for licensing
  • Reduce their monthly costs as they reduce headcount in response to market conditions
  • Have access to the latest software as it is deemed necessary rather than waiting for extended upgrade cycles
  • Benefit from centralized, managed IT infrastructure; housed in a secure and redundant Datacenter with resources not available or practical to have "in-house"
  • Maintain control over their IT resources from a single, centralized location
  • Increase flexibilty and speed to react to opportunities
  • Increase customer satisfaction through centralized and streamlined operations
  • Increase managements ability to control user activity

Beyond converting Capital Expenses to Variable Expenses, staffing and employment firms often recognize the benefits of outsourcing IT operations due to a lack of in-house expertise or an already stretched IT department.  Many firms cannot justify having dedicated IT staff or expanding their IT staff as quickly as necessary to react to changing market conditions; Managed Services can alleviate this stress by becoming a firm's "Outsourced IT Department," available to administer, support and troubleshoot issues as needed.

IDO Group, Inc. has more than a decade of experience helping employment firms design, implement and benefit from a centralized IT infrastructure.  Since 2008 IDO Group, Inc. has been offering fully hosted network environments specifically designed to meet the needs of employment firms.  Our expertise allows us to design solutions that meet the operational needs of the firm while controlling costs and keeping an eye on the overall business.

Each solution is custom designed to meet the specific needs of each firm. We would be glad to learn more about your firm's requirements and share our extensive experience designing solutions for staffing and employment firms. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more about our solutions or to inquire about setting up a 30 day trial.