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Starting a Business?Start-ups and spin-offs represent both challenges and opportunity to business owners, investors, and stakeholders. While these businesses may just be starting out, their technology needs are often similar or more extensive than more mature businesses; but these young companies are often not staffed, equipped, or interested in focusing on technology. The IDO Group offers managed services that can allow these businesses to focus on running their business without the hassles if IT.

Today's business environment expects companies to have access to a variety of tools. Spin-offs in particular may have a lot of history and a great dependence on corporate resources that will be difficult to reproduce from scratch as a spin-off sets out on its own. While these may seem like great challenges, the opportunities are just as great. To be able to design systems, policies, and operating procedures from the beginning can be a great strategic advantage for a young company. IDO Group has several products and services that offer special benefits to businesses just getting started.

Each of our products offer the following benefits of particular interest to start-ups and spin-offs:

  • Little or no Capital Expense -- By subscribing to Managed Services, Software as a Service or a hosted product (such as Hosted Remote Desktop, PBX Reach Hosted Telephone Service, or Microsoft BPOS Offering), companies just starting out can have access to enterprise class technology without buying, configuring or maintaining the technology themselves. By aligning technology expenditures directly with your business size and needs, companies preserve vital capital yet ensure that the business has the tools needed to succeed.
    For example: our Hosted Desktop Solutions are designed to scale up as you grow your business or scale back as seasonal changes or market conditions require. Rather than having money tied up in hardware and licensing, these more flexible monthly subscription solutions allow companies to preserve capital and have more predictable cash flow.
  • Enhanced Availability -- Each of our SaaS or hosted options are housed in enterprise class Datacenters with redundant internet connections, power, cooling, etc. These services are at the core of your business and we take pride in providing and partnering with companies that provide highly available solutions.
  • Ultimate Flexibility -- Today's technology allows stakeholders to blur the line between small business and big business.  Our hosted solutions leverage the internet to provide enterprise class services such as Hosted Remote Desktop, Hosted Business Telephone Services, Corporate Email, and Productivity Tools. As hosted solutions they are available to users from almost any internet connection 24 hours a day.
  • The Right Tools, Right Now -- Having access to proper business tools is essential to the success of any venture. The most efficient solution is to have the proper tools and know-how available.
  • Your Outsourced IT Department -- When starting out all employees may wear several hats. Outsourcing your IT management is a smart way to reduce the workload by using our staff as your outsourced IT department. We have years of IT experience and business knowledge that can help you leverage technology for your business.

Each of our managed services is custom configured to meet the specific needs of each firm. We would be glad to learn more about your firm's requirements and share our extensive experience designing solutions for start-ups. Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to find out more about our solutions or to inquire about setting up a 30 day trial.