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As business and technology evolve, we are seeing a cultural shift in how business gets done. Just a few years ago the thought of telecommuting was dismissed with the wave of a hand and a staunch "that would never work for my business." but as technology and the business environment has changed, so have attitudes about telecommuting, the flexible office and the virtual office.

Telecommuting or telewoking: Working from a location that is "remote" to the main workplace.
Flexible office or flex space: Employees may telecommute at their discretion or on a pre arrannged schedule. When working from the business' primary location, "flexibile" non personalized offices or cubicles are provided as a workspace.
Virtual Office: A complete and nearly seamless approach to teleworking where computing, communications, video conferencing, and telephony provide remote users with the tools they need to work from anywhere.

While many businesses became open to the idea as gas prices soared, many have retained the idea as a permanent solution to decreasing office costs, dealing with inclement weather and as an employee satisfaction tool. Many studies have shown that workers often face fewer distractions and get more work done when working from home.


Centralized Information / Distributed People


IDO Group provides a host of tools that are very well suited to assuring success in your telecommuting program:

Hosted Desktop Solution -- With our hosted desktop solution, your server data and the desktop environment are hosted in IDO Group's state of the art datacenter and are available to your users anywhere via the internet.


  • All communication between your users PC / Laptop are encrypted using SSL encryption (the same security used for online banking)
  • Local printers installed on teleworkers computer or network are available for printing
  • Data remains on the servers, not the remote PC, for improved security and the protection of your vital business information
  • Customize your environment with the Microsoft Office Suite, your own line of business applications, and/or an extensive list of additonal applications to suit your needs
  • Can be used for both the primary location as well as remote workers

Microsoft BPOS -- Hosted in Microsoft's Data Centers, Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite provides messaging and collaboration tools that can help your business communicate (IM and Email), share documents and spreadsheets, and hold live teleconferences with coworkers and customers.

A perfect compliment to your telecommuting program, Microsoft BPOS includes:

Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft Exchange Online
Microsoft Office LiveMeeting
Microsoft Communications Online

Hosted Business Class Phone System from Triad Telecom - PBXreach

The Complete Hosted Business Telephone System

Triad Telecom offers a complete hosted business telephone system to businesses across the country known as PBXreach.  PBXreach saves businesses money by removing the burden of managing infrastructure, eliminating the capital expense associated with purchasing and maintaining an in-house solution, and providing the latest telecom features to increase productivity allowing businesses to focus on their business.

PBXreach is the perfect telephone system and telephone service replacement for any business, and it unites companies with a geographically diverse workforce.  As such, remote offices and employees can be reached via extension dialing and be included in hunt list and call queues as if they were sitting in the primary location. PBXreach also allows employees to tie their cellular/mobile phones to the office phone system which allows users to answer calls to the office on their mobile devices and even transfer callers from their mobile device to other office extensions or telephone numbers outside of the office.

Switching your service to Triad Telecom is easy!  We simply transfer your existing telephone numbers to the PBXreach hosted telephone system.  Triad Telecom has the ability to transfer existing landline and cell phone numbers, or we can assign new telephone numbers with area codes virtually anywhere in the United States.  Once your numbers are transferred, you may cancel your current, overpriced service and begin enjoying the savings and rich features of a true voice over IP solution.

Triad Telecom's PBXreach will liberate your business from the shackles of a traditional telephone system while stimulating the growth of your business with today's most innovative communications technology.

Included with your service:

• Unlimited local and Long Distance to the continental US
• Voicemail to email attachments
• Auto-attendant / interactive voice response (IVR)
• Find me / follow me
• Customized music on hold
• Intercom
• Direct extension dialing (internal and external)
• Call queues
• Hunt groups / ring groups


• Company dial-by-name directory
• Call forward
• Call conference
• Call transfer
• Call recording
• Message waiting indicator
• Detailed call reports down to the extension level

To learn more about how The IDO Group can help you implement a successful Telecommuting or virtual officesolution; Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 336-987-4335