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Executive Summary

Your Website and corporate email address are your company's online identity. Your online presence and professional appearance can be a major factor in your customers (and potential customers) perception of your business. Don't miss an opportunity to look your best with any of our website and email hosting services.

Web Hosting with IDO Includes:


  • Use your current site or a newly developed one.
  • Reliable hosting on our Linux or Microsoft Windows based servers.
  • High availability, reasonable cost.
  • Host your online identity in a secure, robust, monitored environment.
  • Firewall protected access. **Included Free**
  • Web Reports to monitor your site's success. **Included Free**
  • Your site at www.yourdomain.com.
  • POP or IMAP Email Hosting


Email Hosting


  • Send and receive email @yourdomain.com .
  • Spam and virus filtered -- BEFORE it reaches your inbox.
  • Secure access from easy to use webmail interface
  • Works with your desktop email client (such as Outlook).
  • Sync your email to your smart phone or mobile phone.
  • Backup MX and filtering available even if you host your own email.